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LMS Data Desk Surface Pull-out/Pop-up Power POD 2x UK Sockets 2x USB + 1x RJ45 Extension Cord PDU - PDU-P-3W-2USB-1RJ45

Innovative Power Delivery At Your Desk, Kitchen or Bench
Looking for a more aesthetic power delivery device for your electrical and electronic devices while keeping clutter to a minimum? The newly developed PDU-P-2W-2USB-1RJ45 from LMS Data is an ideal solution where there is a need to keep desk or work areas tidy when powering devices, thus reducing the need for messy floor extension leads, keeping your workspace tidy, the result being more productivity and less clutter.
The PDU-P-2W-2USB-1RJ45 simply fits into a pre-made aperture, normally standard in many desk and work surfaces, or maybe drilled into almost any surface via a standard hole-screw. Furthermore, the PDU-P-2W-2USB-1RJ45 features x2 full power USB ports (5 Volts, 500mA) so its ideal for charging USB powered digital devices such as cameras, smartphones or other devices that need USB recharging. Also integrated is a single, RJ45 Ethernet socket with pre-connected data cable so it can be patched into any vacant RJ45 port, for use with data or voice.

Desktop or Bench fitted, vertically fitted Mains Power Pod
- Integrated x2 UK Mains sockets and x2 USB power sockets
Integrated x1 RJ45 Ethernet socket (pre-wired with RJ45 plug)
USB Ports rated at 5 Volts, 500mA (approx..)
Standard 80mm hole size aperture for desk fitting[*]
Total Power Pod length - 320mm (approx..)
Spring loaded push design, allows simple extension
Total desk area flush design when not in use
1.8 metre, BSI rated flex and UK plug - 13 Amps
Stylish, overall matt silver design

Support Files: No

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